Vega TM represented 2 new products unrivalled in the Ukrainian market:

Compressor nebulizer Vega "Funny Constructor" is the first nebulizer in the world made as an interactive toy constructor. The nebulizer top is made as a constructor platform, that is similar to Lego. Inhalation procedure will bring pleasure to a child, who can play during the inhalation due to the funny construction set.
Complete with: nebulizer, nebulizer cup, air tube, mouthpiece, air filters (5 pcs.), adult and pediatric masks, nosepiece, mouthpiece, CONSTRUCTOR, bag for nebulizer and accessories storage. 

The second new product - is a steam inhaler. Owing to Vega steam inhaler a traditional inhalation procedure becomes more efficient, comfortable and easier. Steam inhalation efficiency is proved by time: this method of preventive care and treatment of upper airway diseases is known from the earliest times. It is steam inhalation that quickly helps a cold, flue, bronchitis, sore throat and allergies.
Steam inhaler Vega allows to conduct facials as well. Steam makes a good influence over facial skin, moisturizes it, expands and cleans pores, makes skin elastic and radiant. That is why the inhaler is completed not only with an inhalation mask, but also with a mask for facials.

The company represented three models of aneroid sphygmomanometers of a Swiss trademark VEGA at a time. VEGA aneroid sphygmomanometers are equipped with improved high-precision manometers and comfortable cuffs with pneumonic cells made of high-quality latex.

For the first time on the market of Ukraine - ТМ VEGA (Switzerland) - is represented by nebulizers and thermometers. Nebulizers and digital thermometers of Vega TM are manufactured on one of the largest factories in the world. Nebulizers of VEGA ТМ have an optimum particle size, high nebulization rate, and what is more, thaey are equipped with a reliable compressor suitable for continuous operation.