Stationary oral irrigator VT-2000 B (black), ТМ Vega

10 modes of water pressure
Long-lasting cord 110 cm and magnetic trim handles
Attachments that wrap 360°
2-smart smart timer
IPX5 waterproof
6 nozzles
Ultra-low noise level below 70 db (dB)
1500-2200 pulsations per flute
Professional watch over the empty mouth
10 modes water pressure 210 – 1300 kPa
Turn the button to turn on / off and turn off the desired mode
Drive pressure control on the handle
Kovza handle from the bottom burn out changing 4 modes
Pause, Small, Medium, Large
Ergonomic design
Large volume container for water -1000 ml
Easy to remember and wash
Waterproof IPX5
Long cord 110 cm
Magnetic Trimach of the irigator handle

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Stationary oral irrigator VT-2000 B (black), ТМ Vega


Stationary irrigator VT-2000
1. Cap for picking up nozzles
2. Nozzles
3. Reservoir
4. Reservoir cover
5. ON/OFF and water pressure control
6. Vise Control
7. Handle
8. Water cord
9. Base

Complete set:

  • VT-2000 irigator
  • 5 nozzles per set
  • adapter instructions
  • package

12 months warranty on the picker