Thermometer infrared (non-contact) VEGA NC 600

Type Non-contact thermometer
Measurement accuracy Laboratory: 0.3 °C, 34.0 – 42.2 °C (0.6 °F, 93.2 – 108.0 °F)
Deviation 0.1 °C
There is a sound signal
Automatic shutdown Yes
Power supply type 2×1.5V AAA size batteries
Temperature measurement method Frontal lobe, temporal lobe
Duration of temperature measurement is 2 seconds
There is a battery charge indicator
An additional possibility to measure the surface temperature of milk in a baby bottle; water surface temperature in the baby bath; ambient temperature
Warranty 24 months
Brand registration country Switzerland

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Performs measurements without tactile contact, thereby ensuring the absolute hygiene and safety of the procedure, and also allows you to diagnose the temperature during sleep.

It is recommended for monitoring the body temperature of small children, starting from birth, seriously ill patients, bedridden patients, and the elderly.

Red color indication when the temperature rises to 37.4 ° C and more;;

Color indication is green for readings below 37.4 ° C;

Quick diagnostics;

Storage of the last 30 indicators;

Possibility of switching between measurement modes;

The ability to switch between ° C / ° F scales;

2 years of service and warranty service


Additional information

Time of measurement

2 sec


30 measurable

Flexible tip

5 cm

Warranty (years)

24 months

Brand registration country


The country of manufacture is


Color backlighting of the display