Compressor nebulizer VEGA Family

The Vega family nebulizer is designed to transport medication to remote areas of the lungs, for treatment and prevention.

The Vega family nebulizer is designed for home use by all family members.

The modern and powerful compressor block provides thirty minutes of operation without interruption.

Enlarged chamber for spraying up to 5 ml.

High spraying speed allows you to achieve a positive result.

Vega family – has a stylish appearance, ergonomic design, it is not only easy to use, but also easy to carry.

Thanks to the ergonomic and comfortable handle attached to the body and the presence of all accessories, the device is convenient to carry and use in various situations.

The device has such an important characteristic as high performance.



Type of inhaler ·         Tocompressor
Average particle size (MMAD) ·         less than 4 µm
Minimum Spray Speed ·         0.2 ml/min
Compressor working pressure ·         117 kPa
Flow rate ·         6 l/min
Air tube length ·         150 cm
Equipment ·         Inhaler,

·         ATadult

·         Mask, children’s mask,

·         Filters (5 pcs.),

·         air hose,

·         nebulizer chamber,

·         mouthpiece,

·         Nose nozzle,

·         warranty card,

·         Instruction

Power ·         180 W
Food ·         230V/50Hz Hz
Guarantee ·         36 months
Country of brand registration ·         Switzerland
Country of origin of goods ·         China
Color ·         white-green
The weight ·         2.1 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) ·         30x18x11.5 cm