Compressor nebulizer VEGA Samy

effective compressor inhaler, designed specifically for children. This cheerful and bright Kitten with additional equipment: a nipple attachment, nozzles for the nose and mouth, an adult mask and additional air filters is perfect for both children and adults.

Samy VEGA CN-02 WX is suitable for the treatment of bronchitis, tracheitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis and other respiratory diseases due to a combination of the following advantages:

– optimal particle size

– nebulization rate 0.2 ml/min

– unlimited compressor run time

– unique nipple attachment for the little ones

– Atomized particles 4 µm, the possibility of continuous therapy

3 years warranty

Nebulizer Vega Samy. designed so that the child would be interested in making inhalations in the form of a game.
For small crumbs, manufacturers have provided a “nipple” nozzle.
It is equipped with the reliable compressor with the function “protection against an overheat”.
Stylish design, low noise, long service life.
Equipped with a complete set of nozzles, which are provided not only for children, but also for adults.
Small dimensions make it easier to transport and operate.



Type of inhaler ·                     compressor
Average particle size (MMAD) ·                     less than 4 µm
Minimum Spray Speed ·                     0.2 ml/min
Maximum amount of medical product ·                     5 ml
Air tube length ·                     150 cm
Peculiarities ·                     Allows you to use the entire list of drugs for nebulizer therapy
Equipment ·                     Nebulizer,

·                     adult mask,

·                     children’s mask,

·                     filters (5 pcs.),

·                     air hose,

·                     nebulizer kit,

·                     mouthpiece,

·                     nose nozzle,

·                     nipple nozzle,

·                     warranty card,

·                     instruction

Noise level ·                     60 dB
Power ·                     180 W
Food ·                     230V/50Hz Hz
Guarantee ·                     36 months
Country of brand registration ·                     Switzerland
Country of origin of goods ·                     China
Color ·                     Blue
The weight ·                     1.6 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) ·                     28.2×19.3×14 cm